Natural Therapeutics

go to site aromatherapy treatment with natural cosmeticsNatural therapeutics are, just as the name implies, the remedies available to us from nature that can support us in our health and healing journeys. The natural therapeutics used in my practice include hundreds of flower essences, essential oils and aromatherapy, and essential oil-flower essence combinations, each uniquely customized to support your greatest health and well-being. Other natural therapeutics employed in my practice include herbalism– including Ayurvedic herbs, natural health practices and lifestyle techniques, homeopathic remedies, and a way of eating emphasizing balance through seasonal, organic whole foods. Essential lavender oil, wooden mortar with fresh lavender flowers, bath salts on wooden background.

follow We as humans are part of nature, and these eloquent remedies from nature can help support us in coming into balance. These remedies are incorporated into treatments based on the client’s therapeutic goals.

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