Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork

see Closeup of happy african woman receiving back massage at salon spa

follow link Therapeutic massage and bodywork can offer many health benefits, including:

  • A heightened sense of well-being, energy, and connection to life
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, pain, and tension
  • Stimulating lymph flow
  • Boosting immunity
  • Enhancing circulation and flow of vital nutrients throughout body
  • Increasing flexibility
  • Supporting quality of sleep
    …to name just a few of its many benefits. 618204

At Lightworks Therapeutics, I offer many different modalities of therapeutic massage and bodywork, including Swedish massage, craniosacral therapy, Sattvic and general polarity therapy, reflexology, myofascial release, trigger point release, hot stone massage, Shiatsu, sports massage, bodywork in conjunction with Traditional Chinese Medicine, Windows of the Sky acupressure, medical Qi Gong, pregnancy and infant massage, and Reiki.

These many modalities act as a versatile toolbox, enabling me to support you in reaching and surpassing your therapeutic goals.

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